Our rum

Rumcojones was created to be the best tasting cinnamon rum in the market. That play in the words “Rum” and the spanish word slang “Cojones” embodies the qualities of being courageous and having nerves of steel. Rumcojones rum is crafted from a proprietary wash made of sugarcane molasses. This nutrient-rich blend of unsulfured molasses feeds a unique yeast strain and is fermented. The basic ingredients are sourced primarily from Florida.

The final distilled rum blend is 100% column still pure rum. Column still rum is crucial in blending natural cinnamon oil into the rum. The ideal starting material is key in creating the smoothest tasting rum.

Natural flavors are derived from cinnamon oils and used to deliver that characteristic smooth burn, creating an impeccably balanced rum. Enjoy Rumcojones neat, cold shots and in your favorite cocktails.

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